MatlinPatterson is distinct among its peers in our willingness to challenge conventional viewpoints and be creative in structuring investments. We ensure that in every investment we leverage multiple perspectives – incorporating macroeconomic analysis, market intelligence and business acumen within our fundamental analytical framework.

Our core experience lies in building value through complex turnaround situations.

Since 1994, the MatlinPatterson team and its professionals have gained unique insight through our focus on highly complex investment opportunities in illiquid markets. Unlike the “good company, bad balance sheet” perspective that typically drives distressed managers, our cohesive team looks for outliers, those opportunities with more inherent risk, but a greater performance potential. Our proven skill in managing these turnaround situations, in terms of identifying them, taking control and turning them into profitable entities, positions MatlinPatterson to recognize and capture opportunity.

From our private equity vantage point we are flexible and agile investing across the capital structure.

By combining private equity investing skills with distressed securities trading skills, MatlinPatterson has the experience to move quickly to address the accelerated timeframes that often characterize distressed situations. Our familiarity with the complexities of reorganizing distressed companies enables MatlinPatterson to evaluate and act upon investment opportunities.

Our longstanding market presence enhances deal flow and our ability to source opportunity.

With over 20 years of active market participation in inefficient and illiquid markets across the globe, MatlinPatterson is among the first to see corporate distressed opportunities and deal flow. Complementing this corporate access is our active participation in the global credit markets, which enhances the information ‘flow’ necessary to trade liquid credit strategies.

As one firm, we blend our public and private investing expertise across all of our strategies.

From the start, MatlinPatterson blended trading and private equity skills to invest in control opportunities, balancing perspectives to realize value among a range of complex situations. In approaching control investments, MatlinPatterson typically employs two approaches: accumulating deeply discounted securities and other obligations of distressed companies as a first step toward acquiring a controlling or influential ownership interest, generally through the conversion of debt to equity, and directly acquiring significant ownership stakes or injecting capital into businesses that are in bankruptcy or in financial distress.

We manage our investments and businesses actively.

Whether managing our liquid portfolios or private equity investments, we are active investors. We focus on balance sheet optimization and operational excellence in our control positions—engaging with the company actively throughout the reorganization and ownership process. Following a successful financial restructuring, we focus on stability and building the long-term value of the firm. In our ownership role, we focus on enhancing human capital, providing guidance on strategic and operational issues, facilitating ongoing financing and funding the business to bring greater stability as we build value for the firm and our investors leading to a successful exit.

Coalescing around disparate credit experience, our team is greater than the sum of its parts.

The history of the firm is steeped in distressed credit and special situations investing, and all of the firm’s credit strategies are based on fundamental analytic methodologies. Accordingly, each MatlinPatterson portfolio team is able to draw on the expertise of the others, as the firm’s portfolio managers freely share their investment approaches, thoughts and ideas. In addition, all of the teams are able to benefit from experience of the firm in reorganizations, formulating portfolio company business strategies, and assessing and overseeing company management. The ability to access and leverage the platform’s broad credit investment and trading experience, industry knowledge, market resources, and active participation is a unique advantage of the firm.